Indian Ocean

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Stable oxygen and carbon isotope ratios of the planktonic foraminifera Pulleniatina obliquiloculata and the benthic foraminifera Uvigerina excellens of ODP Site 117-723 in the Arabian Sea (Table 1)

Chemical observations in the Red Sea and the inner Gulf of Aden during the International Indian Ocean Expedition 1964/65

Oxygen flux measured in surface sediments of the Arabian Sea

Stable oxygen isotope record of corales from the Red Sea

Growth rates and stable carbon and oxygen isotope record of corals from the Red Sea

Description of recent sediments of Nile Delta, Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (Table 1-3)

Middle Miocene isotope stratigraphy and paleoceanographic evolution of the northwest and southwest Australian margins (Wombat Plateau and Great Australian Bight)

Geologic-hydrologic setting and surface sedimentology in the Persian Gulf

Description of recent sediments of the East African continental margin

Geochemistry of evaporite in the Red Sea