South Indian Ocean

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Strontium isotope ratios of planktonic foraminifera from ODP Site 119-744 on the Kerguelen Plateau, Indian Ocean (Table 1)

Magnetobiostratigraphy and stable isotope record of Paleocene sediments from ODP Hole 122-761B in the subtropical Indian Ocean

Calcareous nannofossils across the Cretaceous/Paleocene boundary in the southern Indian Ocean

Age, annual coral growth rates and stable isotopes of coral sample Ningaloo

Bulk 15N, and 13Corg ratios, and calculation of unutilized nitrate of surface samples off the southwest coast of Africa (Table 1)

(Table 1) U-Pb isotopic results of single-grain zircon and monazite analyses. ODP Hole 183-1137A, Elan Bank

Distribution of benthic foraminifera in DSDP Hole 24-238 in the Central Indian Ocean (Appendix A)

Middle Miocene isotope stratigraphy and paleoceanographic evolution of the northwest and southwest Australian margins (Wombat Plateau and Great Australian Bight)

Middle Eocene to early Pliocene Bolboforma from the Kerguelen Plateau

Radiolarian Paleogene biostratigraphy in the southern Indian Ocean, ODP Leg 120